Monday, October 22, 2012

Minnesota's Own John Caddy Reads in Minneapolis

There was a nice crowd for the poet tonight at the "Literary Witnesses" series at Plymouth Congregational Church. Here are a few lines from "Feathered Ears," which appears in With Mouths Open Wide: New and Selected Poems (Milkweed):

     Owl's hunt is so still that when I see a talon flex
     I almost hear long hoarfrost crystals
     break and sift to ground.

Thank you, John, for three decades of more beauty than we can hold.

Jealous Left Us Speechless

Ten days ago, NAACP President/CEO Benjamin T. Jealous gave the keynote address at the 20th Anniversary celebration of the Roy Wilkins Center for Human Relations and Social Justice at the University of Minnesota. It will always be a memorable evening for me. Mr. Jealous, the youngest leader of the NAACP since its founding in 1909, gave the most inspiring speech I have ever heard. Period.